Quick Reference

Spakes: Mythologically real creatures. They stalk you, kill you with knives, and feed off of your soul.

Innocents: Basically, virgins who are stalked and killed by Spakes.

Connectors: Innocents who were killed improperly by Spakes. Ghost-like entities that are neither living nor dead.

The Originals: The first five Spakes (later six, including Habakkuk) who were pulled into this reality from their own by certain Ancient Egyptian Scribes.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Marvelous Movie for the Month of May

Here is a Movie Naomi put together. Enjoy!


Alan Andrews said...

Tra la! It's May! The lusty month of May!

Cool movie. And now we all know to never trust the new kid. Unless you have to in order to save your friends.

Word verification: famedgu

def. a) a once revered sticky substance
b) Edward Gu's family

ShatterofStars said...

I suppose that's kinda' unfair to new kids... Huh. Whoops. I'll probably permanently emotionally scar some poor kid.

As to def. a) Ahahaha... Fan-tastic.

Word Verification: prentula

n) a pretentious spatula
n2) a prestigious tarantula

Rebecca T. said...

bwa ha!