Quick Reference

Spakes: Mythologically real creatures. They stalk you, kill you with knives, and feed off of your soul.

Innocents: Basically, virgins who are stalked and killed by Spakes.

Connectors: Innocents who were killed improperly by Spakes. Ghost-like entities that are neither living nor dead.

The Originals: The first five Spakes (later six, including Habakkuk) who were pulled into this reality from their own by certain Ancient Egyptian Scribes.

Who are These Spake-Creatures?

Original Five:

Obadiah - This mysterious, like-able, curly-haired, "hot-stuff" (Ha!) is sure to annoy people of all ages!

Micaiah - Obsessed with ancient manuscripts, a bit sadistic, and likes torturing people. Aw. What a nice guy.

Solomon - A poet, a recluse (though not a spider), and loved dearly by many. Will surely win your heart.

Zipporah - Eh. She's complicated. Likes drinking, partying, and trying to drown the sorrow that she pretends she doesn't have.

Jedediah - Tends to kill people wrong, fall in love too often, and likes the Italians.

Almost Originals:

Awwil - Erm. He refused to feed and kinda'. Um. Died.

Hera - Brought over with Habakkuk. Went psychopathic, caused the World Wars, was killed by her used to ex-fiancée. That's rough.

Habakkuk - Lost his soul, beloved by his son, likes to skulk around playgrounds. Not sure what to think of this guy? Neither do we!

First Generations:

Christiana: Daughter of Zipporah and we're not sure who else. Lives a tawdry life at best. Tries not to become attached to anything in life.

Hezekiah: son of Habakkuk (and proud of it) and a Nubian Princess (who shall remain nameless). Likes old junk ("antiques"), experimenting on people, pushing moral limits, and wants Christiana as his one and only love.

Cleodentri: Daughter of Zipporah and a very nice Indian man. Wishes to walk the steps of Awwil. Erm. Remember what happened to him? That might not be a good idea, Tri.