Quick Reference

Spakes: Mythologically real creatures. They stalk you, kill you with knives, and feed off of your soul.

Innocents: Basically, virgins who are stalked and killed by Spakes.

Connectors: Innocents who were killed improperly by Spakes. Ghost-like entities that are neither living nor dead.

The Originals: The first five Spakes (later six, including Habakkuk) who were pulled into this reality from their own by certain Ancient Egyptian Scribes.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Quote of the Month: Virginia Woolf

"She waited. She picked up a knife from the plank. He saw her standing against the green glass, the fig tree, and the blue hydrangea, knife in hand.
'She spake,' Isa murmured. 'And from her bosom's snowy antre drew the gleaming blade. 'Plunge blade!' she said. And struck. 'Faithless!' she cried. Knife, too! It broke. So too my heart,' she said" (Woolf Between the Acts 78).