Quick Reference

Spakes: Mythologically real creatures. They stalk you, kill you with knives, and feed off of your soul.

Innocents: Basically, virgins who are stalked and killed by Spakes.

Connectors: Innocents who were killed improperly by Spakes. Ghost-like entities that are neither living nor dead.

The Originals: The first five Spakes (later six, including Habakkuk) who were pulled into this reality from their own by certain Ancient Egyptian Scribes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For the Few Reading This: With Update

I realize that some of my past posts have been confusing, for which I apologize.

The problem is I am at a crossroads, and must figure out what exactly to do with my Spakelings. I could:

a) Set this aside for a later time
b) Continue this more regularly, now that I'm settled at school, and only do quotes and book reviews
c) I could edit up the First Spake Tale and self-publish it and use this blog as a way to garner interest in my series.

I think for now I'll start with b) and then move on from there.

If any of the few people reading this has any sort of advice at all, feel free to let me know what you think about the matter.

As for the Update: I did recieve a reply to the query letter I sent out. It was a negatory. I need to read through my manuscript once more, oduble check everything, and then find another agent to query.

Unless I decide to go with c). I do admit it is a very temtping decision. But is it the best decision for this book? I'm just not sure yet.

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